Fertilizer Applications

Every lawn needs fertilizing to look its best. The exact needs depend on grass type, soil type, and many other factors. Only a lawn expert can properly advise you on the best combination of fertilization for your particular lawn. At Master Lawn Care of Duluth, our experience in maintaining Duluth lawns means that we’ve worked with every combination of conditions and know exactly how to treat your yard for the best results. Some of the services we suggest may include:

  • Early Spring Pre-emergent Fertilization
    Applying the ideal fertilizer in early spring will give your lawn a great start from the beginning of the growing season.
  • Mid Spring Fertilization
    This treatment gives the lawn a second boost to promote lush growth.
  • Summer Turf Building
    In the summer, grass reaches its peak growth rate. This treatment supports that lawn growth in the heat of summer.
  • Early Fall Fertilization
    Your lawn is still actively growing in early fall. This treatment adds nutrients to your lawn.
  • Late Fall Nitrogen Boost Fertilization
    Winter is rapidly approaching. This fertilization promotes healthy late growth before the lawn goes dormant, preparing your lawn for its final mowing and winter dormancy.

The Solution for Your Lawn
Not every Duluth lawn requires five fertilizer applications. In addition, each lawn type and soil type needs a different application rate and fertilizer mix. Only a professional lawn care company has the experience to select the perfect program for your lawn. Master Lawn Care of Duluth has that expertise. You can rely on us to choose a program that will provide you with a healthy and beautiful lawn.