Snow Removal

Instead of paying for all that expensive equipment, and running the risk of fatigue, injury, or worse by doing snow removal themselves, savvy Duluthians hire snow removal companies to handle this unwelcome job.

Using powerful truck-mounted plows, professional quality snowblowers, and the skill and strength of its employees, Master Lawn Care of Duluth will quickly rid your driveways and walks of snow and ice. You save the cost of buying and maintaining snow removal equipment and eliminate the hard work and potential of health risks. Our services include:

Unlimited Snow Removal
Whenever the snow falls, we plow your driveway clear of snow, distributing it neatly out of the way. Areas that cannot be reached by the plow, and your walks, are cleared of snow with our powerful snowblowers. Hand shoveling finishes the job, as needed. You pay a single monthly rate throughout the season. We remove your snow automatically whenever snow accumulates.

On-Call Snow Removal
Call us whenever you need snow removal under this plan, and pay only for the services you use. Services are provided as described above.

Sanding and Salting
Depending on your needs, we will apply sand or salt to make walks, porches, and steps safe for you, your family, and visitors.